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Indian Christian Apostalic Diocese

On the year 2003 I got saved by Lord Jesus Christ I was basically from a Islamic background me and my family of my wife and my 2 children's got saved by Lord Jesus Christ and came into this belief. In this sinful world I was also a blind sinner I have been admitted to all deadly sins in this world for more than 23 years I have been addicted to drugs and 11 years in company with saucers and witchcraft makers my life was so pathetic and full of sins but Jesus Christ had other ideas about me.

one day he came like a streak of light into my life and touched me with his glory and showed me a great sign which was a light which I cannot see with my human eyes and through that light of glory he washed my sins away and gave me a big relief from my sins and Choose me to spread his gospel into the regions where even a air of gospel cannot pass through ( stone hearted ) this was my calling from the heaven on the year 2004.

I started my ministry journey so I started Jesus fire prayer ministry as a prayer gospel ministry even after many trails and obstacles God blessed me with his abundant grace to press forward with this ministry and develop this ministry in order to preach spread the good news about my Christ to all the peoples especially among non-Christian people in my region and around the world thus God helping me and my family to run this ministry and giving us his grace to save people who are bounded in deadly sins for that we praise and thank the God almighty. Praise the Lord.

To publish and to help in the publications and circulations of books, journals, periodicals, bulletins, lecturers and other reading, matter ect. with a view to advance the caus of education and social awareness.

To support organizations who are doing the promotional work for the advancement / uplifment or tribal people in India for their education, ect.

To give help to the deserving children for better education from the primary level onwards, conducting Sunday schools, vocational bible school, music classes and entertainment calsses etc.

To conduct free medical camp, eye camp, health camp and free counseling.

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